Ximmio Waste Platform: towards a more sustainable Almere

Ximmio Waste Platform: Towards a more sustainable Almere through Replaced Waste System Urban Cleaning

April 24, 2024 marked an important start for the future of City Cleaning in Almere. Liesbeth Pot, corporate director Digital City & Livability, Thierry Permentier, city cleaning department manager, Frans Kouwenhoven, technical director, and Sami Yilmaz, general manager of Ximmio, signed a contract to implement the Ximmio Waste Platform. This new contract not only marks the replacement of the outdated waste system, but also provides opportunities for the municipality’s ambitions for a clean and sustainable Almere and the application of smart, innovative solutions to this end.


The choice of Ximmio as a partner in this ambitious task was made on the basis of shared values of innovation and progress. Ximmio’s focus on the government-dominated segment of the market played a major role in this. With the advanced Waste Platform, this cooperation promises not only an improvement in the digitization of the city cleaning organization, but also a transparent approach to waste management with more insight and steering possibilities., This contributes to the municipality’s ambitions for a future-proof waste collection system and clean city.

VAS program at the municipality of Almere

The City of Almere’s Urban Waste System Replacement (VAS) program is preparing the way for a smarter, more sustainable future and improved services for residents and businesses. The VAS program contributes to the municipality-wide ambitions from the digitization strategy.

VAS focuses not only on modernizing systems and processes within the city cleaning department, but also on making smart use of data as a management tool and optimizing support for colleagues in their daily work.

Implementation of the Ximmio Waste Platform

Currently, the Municipality of Almere and Ximmio are working intensively to prepare for the implementation of the Waste Platform. The next year and a half will be devoted to the complete replacement of the current system.

Thierry Permentier, city cleaning department manager, explains: “With the VAS program and the cooperation with software supplier Ximmio, we are ensuring a transition to a more efficient system that supports our colleagues in their daily work. At the same time, this offers opportunities for improving our services and we are contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable Almere. It is great to see how driven and innovative Ximmio is and that we pursue the same goals.”

Ximmio looks forward to a long-term and fruitful cooperation with the Municipality of Almere, in which innovation and sustainability will go hand in hand to lead the city to a cleaner and more efficient future.


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