All about the Ximmio Companies solution

Ximmio has worked with waste management and recycling companies to develop an application specifically for businesses.


Ximmio Companies application

This solution allows your commercial customers to do the following via an app;

  • schedule collection on demand
  • Provide insight into consumption (amount of waste)
  • waste calendar
  • insight into invoices and contracts
  • Being able to request new containers or a container change.

The solution is completely customizable. What else can this application do? Scroll through to “features” for more information.

management dashboard

All apps come standard with the Management Dashboard. This ensures that your inside and outside sales staff are in real-time contact with your business customers and vice versa.

The power of real-time data and automated (partial) processes; seamless data exchange between multiple platforms and applications. This is how you lift your employee and customer satisfaction to an optimal level.


An example:

  • your business customer reports a full container.
  • the order arrives directly in your management portal.
  • your inside sales representative creates the task.
  • plans the task in the route of your vehicle
  • the route becomes direct. customized for your vehicle.g
  • the corporate client receives an appointment confirmation.
  • your vehicle picks up the bulky waste and reports the task completed.
  • ready report arrives at your inside office.
  • customer is informed and receives the invoice if applicable.

Waste calendar

The Waste Calendar module gives your business customers quick and easy access to route and collection dates. These are personalized and interactive.


  • enter their zip code and house number
  • will see the next collections for residual waste, organic waste, paper, and packaging
  • can open the interactive monthly calendar & pdf version of the annual calendar
  • can set reminders for collection dates in their digital calendar (ical item download)

The waste calendar can be expanded to include general information such as:

  • a waste abc and/or separation guide
  • a frequently asked-questions section
  • opening hours of waste drop-off points
  • links to other relevant information and services on your website (e.g., ordering module, creating notifications, etc.).

Your employee can access the standard Management Portal provided:

  • create routes by waste fraction
  • create or import addresses (excel sheet)
  • Have routes calculated from selected addresses
  • and manage (add, modify, delete) all of the aforementioned items

Pass Inquiry

Has a business customer lost his or her pass or is there a defect? Through the Companies app, a business customer can easily and quickly apply for a new pass.

Requests arrive in real time in the Ximmio Dashboard, so they can also be processed easily and quickly by your staff. The app verifies requests based on zip code and house number, so your internal organization is only burdened with valid requests.

Container request/change

Businesses can easily use the app to order a type of container for delivery, or request a change for a current container.

Order modules

Companies can use this module to easily and quickly order your waste-related products, such as textile bags and PMD bags (plastic, metal, beverage cartons).

In the standard Ximmio Dashboard provided, your employees can:

  • view incoming orders.
  • filter by order type
  • Filter for unprocessed orders.
  • Download and/or print a list of address data (.csv data file).
  • print (or have printed) labels for shipping, useful for when shipping is done by a social service agency, for example.
  • create unlimited users.

Requests arrive in real time in the Ximmio Dashboard, so they can also be processed easily and quickly by your staff.

The app verifies requests based on zip code and house number, so your internal organization is only charged with valid requests.

Collection on Call

Companies can easily schedule an on-call through the application.

WasteABC / Separation Guide

The built-in Separation Guide gives your company a handy tool to help you separate and submit waste correctly.

With the Separation Guide, your company employees can:

  • easily and quickly see which waste belongs in which container.
  • search by product/waste type, then displays information about the waste product (description, fraction, destination, processing method) and indicates in which container the product belongs.

The Separation Guide can be expanded with the Waste-ABC module to also display the locations to which waste can be taken on a location-specific map.

Through the Ximmio Management dashboard, you can manage the information you display in the Separation Guide and Waste-ABC yourself.


Technical support

As a user of our products, do you have a question or want to report an issue? Please contact our support staff: