All about the Ximmio Employee module

Ximmio has worked with waste management and recycling companies to develop specific applications for employees in the field.

Ximmio employee applications

These apps can be for both vehicle-bound employees and non-vehicle-bound employees. Digital work orders, Passing reports in residential areas, forwarding orders to other colleagues. Anything is possible.

We provide fully developed apps for the following user groups:

Control your field service in real time and receive real-time feedback.
Afterwards, notify your customers immediately. This will lift your employee and customer satisfaction to optimal levels.

Management dashboard

All apps come standard with Management Dasboard. This ensures that your inside and outside sales staff are in real-time contact with your business customers and vice versa.

The power of real-time data and automated (partial) processes; seamless data exchange between multiple platforms and applications.

An example:

  • your business customer reports a full container
  • the order arrives directly in your management portal
  • your inside sales representative creates the task
  • plans the task in the route of your vehicle
  • the route is immediately adjusted for your vehicle
  • the business customer receives an appointment confirmation
  • your vehicle picks up the bulky waste and reports the task completed
  • completion notification arrives at your office
  • customer is informed and receives invoice if applicable


Technical support

As a user of our products, do you have a question or want to report an issue? Please contact our support staff: