Ximmio Waste Platform

The Ximmio Waste platform is built with and for municipalities & waste and cleaning companies. Manage apps and mobile software through the user-friendly Ximmio Dashboard. Optimize your processes with the Ximmio Waste platform.

What does it entail?

Streamline your waste management and let your employees, residents and commercial customers enjoy working together. With our Ximmio Waste Platform, we effortlessly aggregate data from all your business software, vehicles, mobile apps, websites and intranets. Our modern web and mobile applications make it easily accessible to all users. Simplify your processes, increase productivity and achieve better results. Discover the power of Ximmio and take your waste management to the next level….

The Ximmio Waste Platform consists of solutions for your:

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Big data applications for optimal employee and customer satisfaction

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Waste management in a instant

Innovative and user-friendly software solutions make waste management simple and more efficient for employees and employers. Seamless communication with and between residents, businesses and employees.

Optimizing your waste collection

Through a real-time dashboard, you can start acting proactively rather than putting out fires. Be ahead of escalations and communicate directly to client or resident.

Optimal user experience

Our solutions are designed from the user’s process by our UX designers and developers. This collaboration results in a very pleasant and optimal user experience. Our software is intuitive to follow and feels efficient for all users.

Interactive forward-looking solutions

The Ximmio Waste platform is built with and for municipalities & waste and cleaning companies. We strive to create interactive solutions using the latest technologies and user requirements.

Lowers your costs

A fully integrated software solution for operations including reporting. Our software, combined with artificial intelligence, optimizes waste collection while reducing costs.

Contributes to a cleaner environment

The Ximmio Platform and all solutions contribute to a cleaner environment.
We improve the quality of our living environment a create a more sustainable & cleaner world together with our customer.


Our project managers and developers guarantee careful & efficient implementation of our Ximmio Waste Platform, web modules & individual apps.
Years of experience, excellent accessibility and ultra-short lines are the foundation for this.

Getting started quickly

Improve your digital services. Within days you can:

  • Let your residents make their own bulky waste appointments via your existing website and let them pay directly online with iDEAL.
  • Equip your special investigating officers with our latest public space management app.
  • let your business customers book a container exchange via the website or through the Ximmio Companies app.
  • Replace your outdated Waste pick up Calendar
  • Inventory, digitize and visualize your outstanding assets.

Our developers coordinate directly with your current website and/or software vendor for the necessary links.


Technical support

As a user of our products, do you have a question or want to report an issue? Please contact our support staff: