AREA Cleaning launches Ximmio Diftar Module.

AREA Reiniging launches Ximmio Diftar Module: Emmen residents get better insight into waste management

Emmen, May 15, 2024 – AREA Reiniging is pleased to announce that the new Ximmio Diftar Module is now live. With this advanced digital solution, residents of the municipality of Emmen can easily gain insight into their waste management through the Diftar system. This initiative marks an important step in the ongoing digitalization of AREA Reiniging’s services and underscores our commitment to providing the best possible service to our residents.


The Ximmio Diftar Module provides Emmen residents with detailed information about their waste collection. With just a few clicks, users can see how often they took their residual waste container to the street and how often they used the waste card to access the underground collection containers. This transparency allows residents to better understand their waste behavior and can contribute to more conscious and sustainable waste management choices.

“At AREA Reiniging, we constantly strive to improve and simplify our services to our residents. With the introduction of the Ximmio Diftar Module, we are taking another important step in the digitization of our services,” said Arjan Hoogenboezem, Manager ICT of AREA Reiniging.“We believe this tool will help our residents to be even more aware of their waste and thus contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.”


The launch of the Ximmio Diftar Module is part of AREA Cleaning’s broader strategy to embrace innovative technologies and make our services more efficient and accessible. We remain committed to optimizing waste collection and disposal in the municipality of Emmen, Coevorden and Hoogeveen and increasing the satisfaction of our residents. Preparations for the residents of Coevorden are underway and subsequently, the residents of the Hoogeveen municipality will also start using this as soon as it introduces Diftar.

Emmen residents have been able to use the Ximmio Diftar Module via the AREA Waste App for a while now. The further development of the Diftar module is in progress and will be expanded in the future.


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