A healthier planet with more efficient waste management

Getting more out of waste management for a cleaner world

Climate change has serious consequences for the earth. Our waste problem is a major contributor to this. More and more companies and organizations, fortunately, are taking responsibility for reducing their impact on the environment. With proper waste management, municipalities and businesses reduce their carbon emissions and contribute to a cleaner world. Ximmio has user-friendly business software and apps for the waste and cleaning industry. This will optimize the management of waste and residual waste.

Reducing the waste problem

Businesses and organizations are themselves responsible for waste collection and required to separate their waste. For example, it is possible to bring your own waste to the environmental site. In this case, there may be cleaning fees. It is also possible to enter into an agreement with the municipality for waste collection or to hire a professional waste collector for various waste streams.

Waste management is not only about collecting and disposing of waste, but also about processing and recycling it. More and more households and business owners are doing their part to reduce the waste problem by reducing the amount of waste as much as possible. This is not only better for the environment, but also for the wallet.

Digital tools simplify waste management

Wasting as little as possible and creating as little waste as possible is important. Those who ensure proper separation and recycling of waste also reduce the waste stream. Digital tools make such steps as separating, offering and disposing of waste easier. We offer digital solutions for municipalities, waste companies and cleaning companies through the Ximmio Waste Platform. These enable service and vehicle employees, residents of municipalities and businesses to work together more efficiently.

Applications for employees, businesses and residents

There are several apps for digitizing waste management services:

vehicles app: app for vehicle-bound employees of various disciplines, such as bulky waste and door-to-door garbage collection. New or changed tasks automatically appear in the routes, and employees immediately pick up a boa notification.
service employee app: app including a calendar and work forms. With this, people in the field work entirely digitally and data and communications are continuously available in real time.
boa-app: app for good coordination between field service and organization. It allows the boa to make waste reports and public space notifications with the corresponding location information.
business app: app for e.g. waste calendar, scheduling waste collection on demand and insight into the amount of waste. Requesting containers and viewing invoices is also possible through the app.
Residents app: app with information such as a waste calendar, separation guide and drop-off points

Modern applications for better waste management results

A more sustainable, clean world improves the quality of our environment. For ourselves, but also for future generations. The Ximmio Waste Platform contributes to streamlined waste management within the Dutch and European waste and cleaning sector. Modern applications simplify processes and increase employee productivity. Working together to tackle the problem of waste is a challenge that we are happy to commit to.


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