Ximmio and Avalex introduce the first digital waste card


Ximmio and Avalex have a joined forces with the launch of the very first digital waste card in the Netherlands. Working closely with Avalex, Ximmio has developed an advanced version of the digital Avalex pass, which will be available starting Tuesday, Jan. 23. This groundbreaking digital pass replaces the existing version and can be activated exclusively through the Avalex App, without the need for a physical Avalex pass. The digital pass reduces handling costs and lowers the use of plastic!

This digital pass is completely secure in use, it is not possible to read or copy this pass. For that reason, the old digital passes are therefore also immediately transferred to the new ones. After a free address check using iDIN, the new digital pass can therefore be used immediately.

Benefits of the digital Avalex pass

The digital Avalex pass offers users several benefits. Only the Avalex pass, which is now available digitally in the Avalex App, is required to visit the environmental street. All users need to do is bring their phone to the environmental center. The digital pass is free and provides access to all of Avalex’s waste recycling centers. Users who do not already have the Avalex App can download it from the Google Play Store or App Store.

Kaj Mierop, Avalex project manager, says; “The introduction of the digital Avalexpas is an important step in improving the user experience and strengthening security. With this we are making waste collection more efficient and easier for our residents.”

Sjoerd van Steijn, Avalex information manager, adds; “This innovative move is an example of how technology can contribute to more sustainable and efficient waste collection. The digital Avalexpas offers not only convenience but also a higher level of security against misuse. Here, privacy has been included as one of the pillars in the design.”

With this new digital pass, it is possible to securely give residents 12x per year free access to Avalex’s Waste Disposal Centers. After this, each subsequent visit will incur a fee. This arrangement goes into effect Feb. 1.”

Frans Kouwenhoven, CTO of Ximmio, adds; “Parallel to this initiative, we are already working with Avalex on the next unique innovation: the fully digital handling of payments at Waste Disposal Centers. Here the resident no longer needs to get out of the car or use a PIN terminal, everything is done from the Avalex app. The invoice is also sent directly digitally. Fast, simple and safe, exactly the core values of our company.”

Ximmio and Avalex are jointly innovating to make waste processing safer and more efficient, with the goal of maximizing reusable resources.

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