Temporary Corona updates via the Ximmio app

The Corona measures “force” people to stay at home and work from home. So because people spend much more time at home, waste from here also increases due to cleaning and garden maintenance, among other things. This creates a much larger supply at waste transfer stations/environmental parks, many of which are not equipped to handle this huge influx. Some municipalities decide to extend opening hours, others to close smaller locations or call on citizens to temporarily act differently.
Either way, clear communication to citizens is crucial in this day and age.

Ximmio’s platform offers great solutions for (temporary) communications:

  • The “Advertorial
    This is a screen shown immediately after the app is opened. This may include temporary rules or other information, naming new hours of operation, for example.
  • Push messages
    A customized “push message” can be sent per street, zip code, city or town or all residents; this will attract the user’s attention even if they have not opened the app. Push messages can contain urgent matters that need to be communicated immediately.

Both features are present in the Ximmio Waste platform. Ask about options for your municipality.


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