Avalex is now live with the Ximmio Waste Collection Point module!

Avalex is now live with the Ximmio Waste Collection Point module!

Avalex, the waste collector for municipalities in South Holland, is proud to announce the launch of the Waste Collection Point / collection facility application, developed by Ximmio. This innovative digital solution marks an important milestone, as all of Avalex’s recycling centers are now fully digitized. Ximmio, the provider of the Ximmio Waste Platform, a smart software solution for the waste and recycling industry, provided this solution. Thanks to this platform, the entire organization, both operations and residents, will be digitized.

In close cooperation with Ximmio, Avalex has been working hard in recent months to implement the Waste Collection Point application in all of their recycling centers. We are proud to proclaim that all environmental centers are now digitally optimized, welcoming residents to deposit their waste at any time of the day. All they have to do is scan their waste card or QR code upon arrival. In addition, Avalex employees were quickly trained to use the intuitive application.

The digitization of the environmental centres provides a much faster turnaround and handling of waste thanks to modern and user-friendly software, the Ximmio Waste Platform.

“Sjoerd, Avalex information manager, and project manager Kaj Mierop worked closely with Ximmio’s consultants to develop a future-proof and flexible solution that perfectly matched our specific agreements with clients,” Sjoerd said. “Ximmio has proven to be a good partner, able to make continuous optimizations and think constructively about the most effective solutions.”

The cooperation between Ximmio and Avalex was extremely smooth and fruitful. “We were challenged to address both conceptual and practical issues,” says Kaj. “There was great commitment within both organizations, so any bottlenecks were addressed quickly and appropriately.”

The implementation of the solution went smoothly and led to very satisfactory results. “We are very satisfied with the result achieved,” Sjoerd underlined. “The collaboration with Ximmio has allowed us to realize a solution that perfectly fits our needs and is future-proof.”

Both Ximmio and Avalex are eagerly looking forward to the future and are determined to make further improvements and optimizations. “We are convinced that this partnership will enable us to further improve our services and provide the best possible service to our clients,” concludes Kaj.

Avalex is committed to clean streets every day, with dedicated garbage men and women in action. Avalex’s recycling centers operate in the municipalities of Delft, Pijnacker-Nootdorp, Rijswijk and Wassenaar.

Are you interested in this innovative application or the Ximmio Waste Platform? If so, contact us at info@ximmio.com to schedule an appointment.


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