Ximmio sponsor of the Erik ten Hag Tournament 2023

We are proud to announce that Ximmio is the official sponsor of the Erik ten Hag International U12 Tournament! This tournament will take place on Oct. 21, 2023 and is hosted by SV Bon Boys in Haaksbergen.

The Erik ten Hag Tournament is much more than just a soccer tournament; it is a symbol of aspiration and perseverance. As a sponsor, we strive to support the values this tournament embodies. Like Erik ten Hag, Manchester United’s respected manager, we believe in the importance of discipline, dedication and teamwork. These traits extend beyond the soccer field and are at the heart of success in life.

This tournament promises to be an exciting and inspiring event, bringing together sportsmanship, teamwork and passion. Ximmio feels honored to be part of this special event that not only highlights the talent of young soccer players, but also unites the local community in a celebration of sports and friendship.

It is our hope that this tournament will not only inspire participants to do their best on the field, but also encourage spectators to believe in their dreams and strive for excellence in everything they do. Sports have the power to change lives, and we are proud to contribute to this wonderful opportunity that gives young talents the chance to shine.

Ximmio is pleased to partner with Bon Boys to make this tournament a great success. Together, we want to inspire and encourage youth to pursue their passions no matter what obstacles they face. This tournament promises not only great games on the field, but also a deep and lasting impact on the hearts and minds of the participants and supporters. Ximmio wishes everyone an unforgettable tournament full of accomplishments and joy.

See more information: www.eriktenhagtoernooi.nl.


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