BAR chooses Ximmio

BAR Waste Management switched to Ximmio Waste and they are starting immediately to optimize the processes towards the residents. With the introduction, residents will always have all the information they need about waste collection at their fingertips.
NV BAR-Afvalbeheer is the policy and implementation organization for the sustainable collection and processing of household waste in the municipalities of Barendrecht, Albrandswaard and Ridderkerk. NV BAR-Afvalbeheer also manages the Waste Collection Stations in Barendrecht and Albrandswaard.

For BAR, the app, along with the management portal, is a powerful tool through which it makes its services and information visible and accessible to citizens.
The Waste App is entirely in BAR’s own house style, and with it, citizens can easily and enjoyably work on waste separation.
The app and management portal offer such features as:

  • personalized and interactive information
  • direct communication capabilities between user and BAR
  • data links to existing waste management systems (ERP).

In terms of functionalities for citizens, consider:

  • An interactive waste calendar (including active reminders of collection dates)
  • a separation guide
  • message traffic (service information)

The Waste App is much more than an informative app and can be expanded in stages with many more features, such as interactive appointment module for bulky waste. It builds a solid bridge between policy and citizens, contributing to the goals of a clean and sustainable living and working environment.


Technical support

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